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In Canada the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) was built up in 1966 as a method for conveying Jamaican specialists to Canada to enable make to up for a lack of apple pickers.

The lion’s share of vagrant ranch specialists, around 26,000 a year, come to Canada through this program, with the best number originating from Mexico and making a beeline for Ontario.

Specialists in the SAWP program have a standard work get that has been consulted between the source nations, managers and the Canadian government — there is one general understanding for Mexico and another for Caribbean nations.

Canada govt is making so many rules and regulations for Workers like apply pickers , farm workers etc, Under SAWP, the business must select specialists in a commonplace wellbeing design and enroll them with the work environment security protection board. Managers give free lodging (with the exception of in B.C., where it is mostly deducted from specialists’ wages) yet can deduct the cost of a laborer’s visa, utilities and part of their transportation from their compensation. Expanded wellbeing scope is paid for by the source nation.

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There are various requirement of Apple Pickers Workers in Canada ,

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